TROUBLE IN ACTION by Susan Y. Tanner

Cover for TROUBLE IN ACTION by Susan Y. Tanner, Book

REENACTORS, VINTAGE WEAPONS, and Murder! Kylah West has faith in her horses and her skill to ride them in a Civil War reenactment. Her concentration is broken when she meets U.S. Marshal Wolf Stockton and the body of a young reenactor is found, shot through the heart with a vintage rifle. Is it revenge, an accidental shooting, or a hint that opposing forces in the community are boiling over? Those questions turn personal for Wolf and Kylah when her life is endangered. Into the exciting world of stunt riders strolls Trouble, black cat detective. As the feline races the clock to keep Kylah safe, he also realizes the two bipeds have another deep need—for each other. He must help solve the mystery while showing his humans the path to true love.

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