Troubles Wedding Caper final2-fixed

Cover for TROUBLE'S WEDDING CAPER by Jen Talty, Book 8 of the Familiar Legacy cat detective mystery series. Against a pink background sits the silhouette of a black cat wearing a white wedding veil. The title and author name are in red lettering.

SEX, LIES, AND WEDDING BETRAYALS—Treasure hunter Annabel Wilder returns home to Florida after a brutal heartbreak and bids on a mysterious storage unit. There, Annabel finds real treasure–wedding dresses, bridesmaid gowns, and jewelry. But somebody else wants the unit, and Annabel is in the way. Soon, Annabel is swept up in a dangerous investigation headed by the handsome Sheriff Ethan Ferris, and a strange black cat who seems determined to protect her. Now her heart and her life are both at risk. A rocky romance has hardened Ethan’s heart to romance. Can Trouble help Ethan solve a rash of wedding burglaries before the culprit harms Annabel? Can the savvy black cat push the would-be lovers past their jaded hearts and into love?

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