Jaden Terrell

Castles, Cudgels, and a Crime-solving Cat

After a devastating breakup, Robbi Bryan retreats to the Sherwood Renaissance Faire to fly her falcon and heal her wounded heart. The last thing she has time for is a handsome Scotsman with some hefty baggage of his own.

Mal McClaren has found a haven among the permanent residents of this small Tennessee Ren Faire. When a murder threatens his home, the brawny Scotsman comes up with a risky plan to find the killer and save the faire. He didn’t count on falling for a feisty falconer with a troubled past.

Trouble, the famous black cat detective, has never had—or wanted—a sidekick. But with a killer on the loose and the future of the faire in jeopardy, Trouble must work paw-in-hoof with Tuck, an incorrigible potbellied pig, to unmask the killer and show two wounded people that love is a risk worth taking.